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Where to Find Wholesale Australian Wildlife Supplies

Working with animals can be an exciting and rewarding career. As a wildlife care professional, you likely see enough excitement during your day without running out of the supplies that you need to get your job completed. When it comes to getting your animal and pet supplies, why not rely on a trusted source? At Newcraft we offer a plethora of supplies for those who care for hurt wildlife and their young.

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Wildlife Professionals Count on Local Company for Wholesale Pet Goods

As a family-owned business and diligent supporter of the fantastic independent pet stores that keep animals safe and in good health, we believe the work smaller pet stores and other animal-related businesses undertake is noteworthy. Some of the outfits we offer wholesale pricing to include:

  • Individual Zoos
  • Wildlife Parks
  • Wildlife Carers
  • Wildlife Rescue Organisations

Anyone who rescues and cares for injured or sick wildlife and their young can enjoy our amazing wholesale pricing for wildlife and veterinary supplies.

Fast, Reliable Shipping for Animal Supplies in Melbourne

With national shipping services to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, we make getting Australian wildlife supplies convenient and hassle-free.

We are proud to be the official distributors of popular wildlife supply brands and provide a host of top-quality items such as Wombaroo, Vetafarm, and Passwell. Some of the products we carry include:

  • Food Items
  • Rehabilitation supplies
  • Non-veterinary medications (non-vet) supplements
  • Feeding Equipment

Don’t leave your important supplies to chance. Order wholesale animal supplies online from us and enjoy affordable prices, excellent customer service, and convenient delivery options.

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