Our beginnings date back to 1978, when our originating company was the sole manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere to produce identification leg rings for bird breeders and Bird Clubs around Australia. In 1995, Newcraft was formed as we expanded the business into wholesaling avian products to the pet industry. To this day, Newcraft is still proudly family owned & operated and is now into its 3rd generation.

Over the last 20 years, Newcraft has evolved into a leading family owned and operated pet industry wholesaler. We now supply quality products for birds, dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, small animals and wildlife to a large number of valued customers. Our customers range from pet stores to wildlife parks and zoos.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a model that supports independent pet stores, not the big chains. If you want personalised service, excellent stock availability, competitive prices and consistent on time delivery, then talk to the team at Newcraft.

We welcome product resellers with a valid ABN, along with registered Wildlife Rescue Organisations and accredited wildlife carers. We do not sell direct to the general public. Please register your interest by completing our registration process here. Alternatively, you can contact us via this link or email us at [email protected]. We’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements!