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Quality Wholesale Pet Supplies for Quality Pet Stores

If you’re like many pet store owners, you know that quality counts when it comes to finding pet supplies that your customers and their beloved four-legged friends need. This means keeping on top of the latest pet industry trends, as well as constantly being on the lookout for the best brands and supplies. Newcraft can help you get the most sought-after wholesale pet supplies from top Aussie brands such as Vetafarm, Passwell and Wombaroo, so your customers can treat the special animals in their lives with the utmost care.

Pet owners want more than just basic care products and budget food for their finned, feathered or scaled companions. Increasingly, pets have become part of the family—and this goes for more than just cats and dogs. Millennial pet owners (and some older ones as well) are flocking toward adding birds, fish, reptiles, and even exotics such as hedgehogs to their household, and they are eager to find the supplies they need to responsibly house and care for their newfound friends. When you purchase wholesale pet supplies from an Australian-based distributor such as Newcraft that offers a wide range of products for small animals and wildlife, you will be putting your customers in touch with the creature comforts their pets need.

At Newcraft, we believe in providing high quality wholesale pet supplies from Aussie brands for Aussie pets of all shapes and sizes. As a third-generation family-owned business, we also pride ourselves on delivering consistently high standards of service that our many return clients have come to trust. Come and see for yourself how we help support independent pet stores and pet suppliers across Australia, and how we can help you get more of the in-demand pet supplies your customers need. Contact us today with any enquiries you may have.