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Save Money and Buy Wholesale Pet Supplies in Victoria

You can define trust as a belief in someone or something established over time. It is an important notion and something that matters for people whether it’s in personal relationships or business dealings.

At Newcraft, we have worked for 20 years to build up confidence with our existing customers. Our clientele has come to rely on our exclusive inventory of name brand items, excellent customer service, and a stellar shipping policy. We carry brand name, top quality products for many animals:

  • Birds, Dogs, and Cats
  • Farm Animals
  • Fish and Reptiles
  • Wildlife

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Melbourne Pet Stores Enjoy Affordable Wholesale Pricing for Pet Products Online

At Newcraft, one our goals is to ensure our customers get the best deal possible, we are able to do this by selling our pet supplies online and in bulk. With the click of a button, you can order your best selling pet supplies and have them shipped directly to your store. We offer a few convenient shipping options:

  • Direct Delivery: Weekly by Newcraft
  • Courier Delivery: For smaller orders outside of the direct delivery radius

Where to Find Affordable Wholesale Pet Supplies in Victoria

As a distributor of wholesale pet supplies we mainly work with the following types of business customers:

  • Wildlife Parks and Zoos
  • Pet and Animal Rescues
  • Accredited Wildlife Carers

Our goal remains to be the largest distributor of top quality pet supplies in Australia. We invite product resellers, Wildlife Rescue Organisations and wildlife carers to apply to buy from us.

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